UES Family


Iggy was our very first client! She's is a bundle of energy. She loves chasing birds and playing with other dogs! She is friendly and protective! She adores giving everyone kisses. She splits her time between NYC and Washington D.C. If you are ever in a bad mood, Iggy will cheer you right up! πŸ™‚


Ares is named after the Greek God of War! Why would this cute furball be so named you ask? Because when he sneaks out of his cage he can chew anything to pieces, leaving a path of destruction unlike NY apartments have ever seen! He is a security deposit wrecking ball! But who can be mad at this guy! He's smart, handsome (all the girls adore him) – and a fan favorite on walks. The puppyrazzi are always snapping pictures. He's tough and loves to play with other dogs more than humans – but he also loves people too. (Just dogs a little more!) πŸ™‚


Sugar is hyper intelligent. She has a bigger vocabulary than most high school graduates. She is super, super human friendly. She loves going to Central Park and observing what is going on. She calms everyone down who is around her. (But she's very picky with her friends, she only likes a select few dogs!) Sugar is one of the best walkers on a leash and makes walking a joy. πŸ™‚

Oh, and Sugar wanted me to post this:


Albert is pure energy in a ball of fur!Β  He is a resident of SOHO and is always extra pumped for our walks! There is not a bird (or plastic bag) he does not want to chase and inspect! When you enter into the apartment he is immediately ready for an adventure and to play. He's super friendly with everyone he comes across – dogs and people, and at nearly every corner people want to pet him! Kids especially. He loves taking pics beside Street Art and selfies! πŸ™‚


Freddie is named after Freddie Mercury – and our Freddie is a rock star! He's a young pup right now with big plans! He plans on getting to know everyone in a 10 block radius – making sure they know his name and he knows them! He'd love to run for mayor one day! If you see him on the street stop and say hi and you will get a bunch of French Bulldog kisses! πŸ™‚


Harley is a Murray Hill pup who is absolutely, incredibly adorable! When you walk into her apartment to walk her you are greeted by her running up and licking you crazily! πŸ™‚ And then falling to her back for loads of belly rubs. She is intelligent and calms everyone down she spends time with!Β  Or who even looks into her sweet eyes!Β  She just moved to the big city and she's getting used to the traffic and noise! πŸ™‚


Sterling is running things around his neighborhood! He walks tough and talks tough (but he's all love and cuddles with everyone after that!) He's our new Frenchy and gets pumped to walk the streets for new smells and to make new friends!


You can find Lana around Columbus Circle! She was a rescue who is one of the most loving dogs we have ever met! She is loving life on the West Side and loves to walk by the water and to scope out squirrels in Central Park! More than anything, she loves to lay on the couch and cuddle to watch a movie!


Oh my God, let at Reyka!Β  A Burnese mountain dog that is impossibly cute and fluffy! She is a literally teddy bear on a leash. There has not been a single person who does not melt when they see her coming their way. She loves to walk and then loves to lay down and scope out the Soho scene. She's already one of the most popular dogs in the area. πŸ™‚


Cody (with a “c" – we also have a Kody with a “k") is NYC’s newest cool dog! He is loving the parks and the city streets. He moved here from the suburbs but unlike most dogs who make the jump to the big city, he is NOT intimidated. He told us, “I moved here and felt right at home!" He's already a real New Yorker.


Abbie is one fo the most awesome puppies we have EVER had. She is so mature for age. At such a young age, she is very well potty trained and great in her cage while at work. And yet! She is also a rambunctious, loving puppy! Everyone stops her as she goes around Brooklyn, everyone wants a pet, and she is more than happy to oblige! πŸ™‚ We cannot wait to watch her grow! We love Abbie!


Lucy is such a sweetheart. Look at this face! The only problem with Lucy is that it is hard to make any process on the walks because every single person wants to pet her, snap a photo of her, and compliment her. Lucy is highly emotionally intelligent and superduper loving and awesome. She loves her walks during the midday and exploring the new city she calls home.


Penny. Moneypenny. Lol! We love Moneypenny – she is named after the famous bond character and quite a little bundle of joy! She knows the Tribeca streets well, she's lived there her whole life! She's tiny but can cover a lot of ground in 30 minutes!